Opinion Pieces

“Why I Think Beauty Spending is a Necessity, Not a Luxury” – The Financial Diet

“Why Music Festivals Are the New Country Club” – The Financial Diet

“Why $10 Monthly Beauty Boxes are a Waste of Money” – The Financial Diet

“Clinton’s Speech Proves Men Are Forgiven Much Easier Than Women Are” – Huffpost

“Real Friends Don’t Charge Friends For Everything” – The Financial Diet

Personal Finance/Career

“The Money Conversation No One Wants, but Everyone Needs to Have” – The Financial Diet

“4 Unusual Tricks that help me Stay On Budget at the Grocery Store” – The Financial Diet

“5 Surprising Benefits I Got From Working Jobs Where My Degree Didn’t Matter” – The Financial Diet

“The 2 Kinds of Professional Values that Matter More than ‘Doing What You Love'” – The Financial Diet

“All the Times Being Shy Cost Me Money” -The Financial Diet

“5 Money Lessons I’ve Learned from Being on Weight Watchers” – The Financial Diet

“How I’m Recovering from Trying & Failing At A Cash-Only Diet” – The Financial Diet

“An Honest Look at my Life & Finances as a Substitute Teacher” – The Financial Diet

“Four Avoidable Mistakes that Caused Me to Owe $3200 in Taxes” – The Financial Diet

“The Biggest Money Lesson I Learned From Quitting Smoking in 2016” – The Financial Diet

“When Paying Your Dues Isn’t Enough” – Medium, The Ascent

“How I got This Job: Substitute Teacher” – The Billfold

“How Minimizing Waste Helped me Maximize My Grocery Budget” – The Financial Diet

“5 Reasons Why Waiting Tables was One of the Best Jobs I’ve Ever Had” – Huffpost

“4 Major Mistakes I made Because I was Unable to Pay Back My Debt”-The Financial Diet, sponsored by Credit Repair

“How Gen Zs spend money differently than their Gen X parents” – Insider

Sex & Love
“I Sent Christmas Cards to My Exes and What Happened Next Was Surprising” -Elite Daily

“I got Dumped on Christmas Eve & This is What it Taught Me About Love” – Elite Daily

“Leaving My Good Relationship Was the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made” – SELF

“How I Spent Almost $1000 Trying to Save My Relationship” -The Financial Diet

“How and when you can ask for a plus one without being rude” – Insider

Health, Lifestyle, Travel

“3 Professional Hairstylists on What You’re Paying Too Much For (& What You Should Spend on Instead)” -The Financial Diet

“10 Myths about pores you need to stop believing” – INSIDER

“8 places to visit if you like tequila” – INSIDER

“How to help survivors of sexual assault” – INSIDER

“What I Spent on a 2-Week European Vacation vs. 8 Days in NYC” – The Financial Diet

“5 Unique Ways to Quit Smoking When You’ve Already Tried Everything Else” – Elite Daily

“Ways to unclog your ears on a flight that actually work” – Insider

“5 Things You Think Are More Hydrating than a Glass of Water, But Aren’t” – Insider

“7 Deficiencies That Can Cause Weight Gain” – InsiderĀ 

“19 Things People Commonly Get Wrong About Hawaii” – Insider

12 Reasons your period is late that have nothing to do with being pregnant” – Insider

“10 common myths about pap smears you should stop believing” – Insider

“16 things you’re getting wrong about cancer, according to experts” – Insider

“10 places where you’re most likely to see a great white shark” – Insider


“I tried all of Trader Joe’s fall items, and would purchase at least 15 of them again” – Insider

“I tried and ranked all 18 Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors from worst to best” – Insider

“The best and worst breakfasts at Starbucks, ranked” – Insider

“We tried all the appetizers at Applebees and ranked them from worst to best” – Insider

Pop Culture and Entertainment

“How much Ina Garten, Gordon Ramsay, and other food show hosts are reportedly worth” – Insider

“What world leaders’ desks around the world look like” – Insider

“22 things you didn’t know about Bradley Cooper” -Insider

“34 things you probably didn’t know about Beyonce” – Insider

“25 things you probably didn’t know about One Direction” – Insider

Narrative Essays

“All The Ways Living in a City Changed Me, and All the Ways It did Not” – The Financial Diet

“What It’s Like To Have Your Parents Go Bankrupt to Give You the Life You Want” – The Financial Diet

“Cooking With My Mom Taught Me To Embrace Living at Home” -Published originally on Hello Giggles

“My Best Friend and I Grew Apart After She Had Kids- and That’s Okay” – HelloGiggles

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